Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let's Play Diabetes

About a month ago a fellow blogger wrote a post about her daughter's stuffed animals that have diabetes.  I was inspired by her post (because all of my daughter's stuffed animals have diabetes) to look for a play pump for Julia to put on her toys.  I found T & J Designs and ordered two for Julia.  One for her stuffed bunny & one for her Fancy Nancy doll.
Yesterday they arrived.  She is so happy.  She has pretended her dolls and animals have diabetes since her diagnosis.  She used a play syringe and a spare meter that we never had strips for to test and treat them.  Seeing how happy she is to see her dolls be like her does my heart good.  
Fancy Nancy from the book may not have diabetes, but in our house she does.  There was even a spot on the order form where you can put the type of pump used so they both have Medtronic pumps just like Julia.  It is nothing fancy, just some foam with a sticker and tubing with a simple round band aid for the site.  
There is a mom on Facebook trying to get Mattel's attention so they can make a "Diabetic Barbie" .  Her daughter brought it up after the media coverage about making a "Bald Barbie"Will they do it?  Who knows.  Maybe they can just make some accessories like pumps, meters & kits that are Barbie sized so those who want them can order them.  Some say that play time can be an escape from the day to day of diabetes.  I think pretend play can be therapeutic.  Seeing Julia's smiling face as she takes out their pump or tucks their pump belt under their clothes shows me that this was just what she needed.