Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Virtually Amazing

Today I did a 5K.  I know it is hard to believe but I did it and you can too.  If you haven't seen my posts on facebook about it, let me explain.  This was the idea of a woman named Tara.  Her nephew has Type 1 and she wanted to do something about it.  She set up a virtual 5K.  You can read more about it and sign up HERE.  

Today my family did our 5K.  With the help of my brother and we figured out our route. We met some friends and there kids at the parking lot by 1st Street in Hermosa Beach and we were off!  The kids and dads were on bikes and the moms were on foot.   We traveled down to 29th Street and back.  It was a great day for it, cloudy and cool. 

I was so proud as we were making our trek, knowing that we, no matter how small were making a difference.  Every step we took was a step closer to a cure.  Having friends by our side meant so much to me.  Some have Type 1 in their lives and some don't but they were all there.  Walking and riding for Julia & Eric and all of us who struggle with Type 1 everyday.  

After we finished the 5K, we spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach.  We had a picnic lunch. The kids played in the waves and had a great time. We saw dolphins and a sea lion.  I wanted to take pictures to document the whole thing and share it with all of you.  The camera ended up staying in my bag and I just relaxed and enjoyed the day.     


  1. Sounds awesome!
    The line about each step getting closer to a cure gave me chills!!
    Excited to do ours, too! Think it will have to involve a park, for sure, to get the girls motivated!! :)

  2. Wonderful Diane! It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your fam and friends. I am hoping to do ours Sunday. It is raining for like the next three days here in VT.

    Make sure and submit your times to my sister so that you can be entered for all the awesome raffle prizes. xo

  3. Awesome job Diane, and sounds like a great day. Will post link. Thank you. -Tara

  4. Hi Diane!!! Very cool idea and write up about your own family's Virtual 5K. I think I might have missed teh boat on this oppportunity due to our trip, but I might just have to wrangle Reyna into giving me an extra day or two ;).

    YES! I will answer any questions you might have about the Alaska cruise. just email me at amyberger27(at) anytime.