Sunday, October 2, 2011

Feeling Lucky

Last night we went to the 3rd annual Evening 'Round the Campfire.  It is the big fundraiser for Camp Conrad-Chinnock.  If you haven't read my posts about camp, you can read more about it here and see our pictures here.  

We had a great night.  We fancied up and headed to the Disneyland Hotel.  I was excited to see some of the people we met at camp and hopefully feel that same sense of calm that camp
brought us. 

Forever Friends

I have mentioned before how thankful I am that we have the Gasparro family in our lives.  Last night I was reminded of what a blessing they are to us.  There were video montages throughout the evening covering different aspects of the camp and what it means to everyone involved.  Several of the parents interviewed talked about how isolating diabetes can be.  And although there are times when I feel alone, I know because of this family we never truly felt as alone as we could have at diagnosis and in our day to day with diabetes.  They have been with us since day one and continue to be right by our side. 

Photo Booth Fun

And while the entire evening was not exactly filled with calm, (Joe wearing a balloon hat literally as big as him, trying to have the kids eat catered meal and be an attentive audience, etc.)  I left the evening feeling at peace.  Seeing again and hearing the stories of the camp staff brings my heart such happiness.  These young adults that happen to be type 1 who are so poised and such beautiful people really set my mind at ease for the future.  They are so inspiring.  I am so thankful that camp has come into our lives.  I know that year after year camp will continue to be a safe haven for our family and for my daughter.  She will always have a place where no one questions why she is doing what she is doing, where everyone understands how she is feeling, where she belongs.  


  1. That feeling of "same" that comes with camp is priceless. How fortunate you are to have a camp like that nearby!!!

  2. Thanks...We are so grateful to have you guys in our lives too! It is so great to have someone around who "gets it". We had so much fun Saturday and can't wait to go back to camp next year.