Monday, August 20, 2012

Sometimes Diabetes Hurts

We have been having a great time lately and I have so many drafts about the exciting things we have been doing.  Camp, Catalina, Hawaii and all the while diabetes is with us.  But today was not fun.

We did a site change this morning and things at lunch appeared fine.  But by the time dinner rolled around (at my mom & dad's house) it became obvious that things were not fine.  Her BG kept creeping up and ketones were starting to appear.  So I reached into our handy dandy backpack and guess what? No new set.  As I mentioned, we have been traveling and packing very carefully for airport security and plane flights.  And we made a mistake.  Things were moved around and the back up sets got moved to another place.  Luckily I had syringes so I was able to do the correction, cover dinner and account for her basal insulin with a couple shots.  Julia does not like shots but she did what we had to do.  

When we arrived home, we put on a new site and got tucked in for bed.  She started telling me how she wishes her life wasn't so much about diabetes.  She wished that it didn't take up so much of her time.  She doesn't like having to explain to friends what she is doing and what all her stuff is for.  She asked if we can please go to family winter camp because there everyone gets it.  It hurt to listen to the sadness in her voice and to know at 7 she has a long road ahead with diabetes.

That wasn't what hurt the most though.  The moment that hit my heart was when I went to check her just now.  She was half asleep and rolled over and asked what I was doing.  I told her that I was there to check her number to see how she was doing.  She rolled over gave me her hand, puckered her lips so I would give her a kiss and said, "Thanks, Mom."


  1. Thanks for sharing. My girls would understand and get it. They cry too from time to time and it hurts me inside. People think its no big deal, however, its 24 hour a day disease. Love your blog too.

  2. Diabetes sucks. But what a sweet moment. Hurtful & so sweet all at the same time. Ah, such is this disease. I've had so many wonderful things happen because of it - meeting wonderful people, going to camp, appreciating the gift of Motherhood more, appreciating the amazingness of my kids - just wish I could have the sweet minus the hurt. Are you guys going to Winter Family Camp? Please let me know. I'm pretty sure we are. It will be right around Ella's 1 year Diaversary. What a way to celebrate.

  3. We will be taking a trip out of country in December to India and Switzerland. I am so stressed out. Thanks for sharing your journey. We can do this!! :)Our children are just amazing!