Monday, March 14, 2011

Great Weekend

As the title says, we had a great weekend.  It started out Friday afternoon with Julia getting her ears pierced.  
It was a very exciting trip culminating with a quick conversation with Julia's endocrinologist.  I researched before we went, read the info online and yet diabetes still threw a kink into the plans.  As I was signing the waiver at the store, I noticed a small line item that says if you have diabetes or are taking blood thinners, you need to speak to your doctor.  So at this point should I have left and called the doctor?  Probably but I was there in the hospital when the doctor told me there are only 2 things Julia can't do, join the military or fly a plane.  Nobody said anything about ear piercing.  And in that moment, I was angry at diabetes.  I was not going to let it take this moment from my little girl.  I told the sales clerk that she had Type 1 diabetes and asked if that would be a problem.  She said no as long as she was not on blood thinners which she isn't so a few deep breaths and quick pricks later, we were all done.  

As soon as we left the store my bravado faded into panic, what if I had done the wrong thing?  What if this was going to cause her more harm?  So once we got home, I called the doctor, in a rush of words and worry I explained what I had done and held my breath waiting for his response...he LAUGHED at me.  He told me not to worry and that he understands how important ear piercing can be and that it is fine.  It may take a little longer to heal but she is fine.

Saturday was the first game for Julia's softball team, Purplicious.  It was very early but it was great!  The sun was shining, it was a beautiful Southern California morning.  
She played hard, threw the ball from 3rd to 1st with no cut off, and had three great hits.  Her numbers stayed in range and since her game ended at snack time, she was able to eat her after game snack with her teammates with no extra shots needed.  

Sunday we took the kids to their elementary school to practice riding without training wheels.  They both were amazing!  

It really was a great weekend.  Yes, diabetes reared its head a few times (like it always does) but it didn't run our lives.  We did the regular things that a normal family does and it felt great.

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  1. Love your little slugger...and her very cute ears :)