Saturday, December 10, 2011

A1C How Great a Change Can Be?

We had our 2nd visit with our new endocrinologist.  I was hopeful after we met with him the last time that we would see an improvement in her A1C.  An A1C test measures Julia's average blood sugar over the last two to three months.  The higher her result the greater risk she has for diabetes complications in the future.  At her initial visit with him in September, her A1C had gone up from 7.4 to 7.8.  So I was hoping that we would be at least back to the 7.4.  I was blown away when he ran her blood and we came up with a 6.6!

I was so pleased and so was he.  He was also very kind and said he knew that a change like that could not have come without a lot of hard work and dedication on our part.

I knew after our first appointment with him that making the change was the right thing to do but my heart still felt heavy.  Not anymore.  Now I have real concrete proof that this change was the right thing to do.