Monday, May 9, 2011

Admiring Our Differences

Now that I have found the DOC I LOVE the DOC.  I read so many blogs from other moms and it is great because I get the things they say and I understand the way they feel because I feel the same way.  

But the blogs that really reach me and teach me are the adult Type 1s.  Kim, MichaelKerri, KellyMeredith and the rest are so great to read.  Sometimes their perspectives are hard to read.  As a mom, I try my best to keep her in range because that is my job.  They give me how it really feels to be low or high which I will never know.  So I read about teeth sweaters or trying to open glucose tabs with shaky hands and I learn.  I see her numbers and I get a better perspective on how she really feels.  

I read about successful adults who are amazing advocates.  It gives me hope for my little girl's future.  I read the day to day victories and just the day to day and it makes me smile.  

I am now and have always have been a worrier.  So when diabetes entered our lives, it sent my head spinning.  I worried about her future.  When I read the posts from these adults it brings me peace.  I know I have an incredible girl.  She amazes me daily with her strength.  I read the blogs and I worry less.  I know if she grows up to be anything like these people she will be just fine.  

So thank you for sharing yourselves.  The things that may seem minor to you are the things that make my heart sing.  You have helped to heal me and have made me stronger.  You have taught me how to take better care of my girl and there is no way I could thank you enough for that.  


  1. Thank you so much for the very kind shout out, and for sharing your story, too. Parents of kids with diabetes are the most incredible people, and what you do every day makes such a difference in the life of your child.

  2. Thanks for that shout-out, but thank you so much more for what you do every single day. You add a voice to this community that makes it what it is, and I so cherish hearing your perspective and insight. It's what you and so many other D-Moms and D-Dads do that ensure your children will grow up and be happy, healthy (as much as we can), and basically "normal" for whatever that word might mean. Our world is better for having you in it, and that'll true once your daughter grows up to use her own voice.

  3. :) That is a good chunk of the "A" list for PWD Bloggers for sure. They inspire me day-in and out.

  4. I have always said the reason I blog is to share my life in hopes that others don't feel alone. But in return I have learned so much from Parents like you who care for CWD's. It's inspiring and awesome so thank you for all you do!

  5. thank you for the shout out :)

    and a big thank you to what you do as a d-mom. it's an amazing thing that you are helping to prepare her for the future, and it will be great to see what a woman she turns out to be!

    you are AWESOME!

  6. The PWD's also give me hope for my daughter's future.

  7. "When I read the posts from these adults it brings me peace." Lovely!!!