Friday, November 11, 2011

Our JDRF Walk 2011

Last Sunday was our family's first JDRF walk.  We had such a great time.  And although I am sure you have heard the song about how it never rains in Southern California, I can tell you the song is wrong.  The first hour and a half we were there it was very wet.  

It didn't dampen our spirits though.  We were all ready for a great day.  The kids danced in the rain at the Radio Disney Booth.  They were soaked and cold but happy.  Our team shirts turned out great and I was so excited for Julia to be able to wear hers.  On the back of all the shirts it said "We are walking for Julia" her shirt said "I'm Julia."  The problem was her I'm Julia shirt was too wet to wear!  So we switched her to one of our extra shirts and my sister & my friend helped rig it so she could wear it around her waist.  

By the time the walk started, the rain stopped and it was a beautiful day.  It was so great having our friends and family by our side walking for a common cause.  

Our team goal was $2500 so that we could qualify for a team tent.  
And thanks to all of our supporters, we reached our goal and more than DOUBLED it! At last check, we have raised over $5300!  
 We added the other thermometer onto our original one.  Julia loved coloring it in with every donation we received.  

Thank you to all of you.  Those who walked, donated, supported one of our fundraising events, or wished us well, thank you.   As Julia said, "It makes my tummy bubbly and my eyes watery," to have your support.  

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  1. Wow. What a great moment. The "I'm Julia" shirt puts it over the top. I will be catching up on your blog posts over the next few days. For some reason I thought you just posted a few!