Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Until there is a Cure there is Camp

I don't know how to put into words what a special place camp is. Camp Conrad-Chinnock makes my heart happy. I feel at peace when I arrive and refreshed and renewed when I leave.

We have come in the summer twice.  This is the first time ever that there was a family winter camp. I am so glad that we decided to go.

As we drove up the mountain and started seeing the snow the kids were getting so excited. I started to feel a great sense of calm that only camp can bring. It was so cool to see camp in the winter. The snow covered ground, the pool covered in ice and all the cabins with snow on the roof tops, it looked like a postcard.

We spent the weekend with friends that hold such a special place in our hearts. I've seen the posts online about having a commune for families who are dealing with Type 1. Camp is that commune. We may not live there year round but the time we are there is magic. We all speak the same language. We know the struggles that we face day to day. There are no explanations needed.

The kids went sledding. We drank hot chocolate. We had highs and lows.  We were in a snowman building contest and a newspaper fashion show. We bolused.  We sang karaoke. We played. We lived. Every day I pray that a cure for diabetes is found. Until that day comes, we will go to camp.

This is the video put together by the camp staff showing some of the fun we had.  Thank you DCES & Padre Foundation!


  1. So glad you guys had a great time. We'll have to join you all next year.

  2. Camp is so great! It's funny that you had the post title that you do, as we actually have a D-camp here in central Indiana that's called Camp Until A Cure. It's run by the Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana. I wish I would've gone to camp more when I was a kid. Only went once the first summer to Camp Medicha in Michigan after I was diagnosed at age 5, and then tried out being a counselor as a teenager but didn't care for it at that point in my life. Now, being a part of D-Camp as a board member, it's something I regret not being a part of. Especially with how the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) is so much like D-Camp all the time! Anyhow, glad you all had a great time, and she looks so happy in that photo! Thanks for sharing this.