Monday, April 18, 2011

Daily Schedule

So I have been kind of slacking off on the daily writing challenge but here is my entry for today's challenge which is to write down your daily schedule.

6:30 am Wake up check BG
7:30 am weigh and measure breakfast, snack & lunch & check BG
8:00 am calculate carbs eaten administer insulin with pump
8:30 am take kids to school
10:30 am find out BG from school and oversee insulin given for morning snack
12:00 pm find out BG from school
12:30 pm calculate carbs eaten and oversee insulin for lunch
1:50 pm pick up from school
3:30 pm check BG weigh and measure snack administer insulin
5:30 pm prepare dinner counting carbs for any/all ingredients
6:30 pm weigh & measure dinner & check BG
7:00 pm calculate carbs & administer insulin
10:00 pm check BG & administer insulin or treat low if needed (if low recheck every 15 mins until number is in range)
2:00 am check BG & administer insulin or treat low if needed (if low recheck every 15 mins until number is in range) 

**check BG at any time as needed for possible lows, activity or just because.

This is just my diabetes schedule.  It doesn't account for laundry, homework, grocery shopping or t-ball.  

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  1. Thought I'd pop over. :) I love adding blogs to the list and reading about other families dealing with D. Thanks for visiting me...I look forward to getting to know you, too.