Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why I Blog

The reason I started blogging was in the hopes of being able to still be socially acceptable.  After Julia's diagnosis, I needed an outlet.  Everywhere I went and all I could talk about was diabetes and how Julia was doing.  I even bombarded one friend in the parking lot of the mall.  So I knew if I didn't find somewhere else to let all my thoughts out I would end up without any friends FAST! Blogging has given me the outlet I needed.  It gives me a way to process my feelings good and bad.  

The other thing I am grateful for is all the other D Mamas I have found.  Reading their blogs has given me so much comfort.  Even though we don't "know" each other, I feel like I have found so many long lost friends.  I read posts that I identify with and that break my heart.  But I also read posts that bring me joy for kids and families I have never met.  I no longer feel so alone in the crazy mixed up diabetes world.  

(sorry it was late, crazy numbers last night)


  1. Oh my goodness that is SO me! I am so socially unacceptable now! I still talk to anyone and everyone about diabetes and my daughter any chance I get...that's all I know how to talk about now. I'm sure others are over hearing about it, but oh well. So glad also to know so many D-Mamas who get it and don't get tired of hearing about it.

  2. The isolation was soooo paralyzing for me. I am a social creature and to be the ONLY one in my circle of friends with a kid with a high maintenance chronic condition was difficult. The DOC and blogging has really brought the "old" pre-D Reyna back. My sister talks about it all the time.

    I totally "get" why you blog.

    Thanks for doing it! xoxo