Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pumping so far...


     Things are going smoothly and we are so happy.  Last Monday we started the pump on a saline trial.  Basically this means we started on the pump but instead of insulin,  we had saline in the pump.  At first I was a little bummed to be doing the saline trial because I just wanted to get going but once it started I was glad it happened the way it did.  Having the saline gave us the chance to get familiar with using the pump before it was active with insulin.  

     The other great part about the trial was that Bubba got to wear a pump too.  The doctor's office had a spare pump for the training and since there were no other trainings until we were due back Thursday morning, we had two pumps to play with.  Julia liked seeing her blood sugar number pop up on her Dad's pump.

     We went back to the doctor Thursday morning and did our first site change and switched out the saline with insulin.  We were live with insulin on board!  They sent us home to have breakfast and come back in the afternoon for more training and to check in with the doctor.  I probably asked Julia a million times how she was feeling that day.  

     Since leaving the doctor we have not had any serious issues.  We are doing a lot of testing of her blood sugar (every 2 hours) to make sure we have all of her rates and ratios correct.  Her favorite part is deciding which pump belt she is going to wear.  So far "cupcake" is her favorite.  Today she has it in her pocket (so she can be like Eric).  

     The best part is she has not had a shot since Thursday morning (she was high before we left for the doctor). Now when she eats, I enter her blood sugar and the carbs she has eaten into the bolus wizard.  It calculates what her insulin dose and delivers it to her.  As I was giving her one of her first doses with the pump, she looked at me with a huge smile and said "That's it?"  If that doesn't make it all worth it I don't know what else would.  

     She still gets an injection when we do the site change but that is every third day which to me (and Julia too) is a vast improvement on at least three times a day.  In fact, we did a site change this morning and have had no issues so far.  I feel like I am tempting fate with such a great report but I can't help it.  We are happy pumpers for sure! 


  1. I love the picture, she looks so sassy! I am so happy that things are going smoothly. Eric was beaming when I read the part about her wanting to be like him :>

  2. So happy that things are looking up for your beautiful family! You all deserve good news! Kiss Julia for me! xoxo

  3. this is great news! I am so please everything is going good! Hugs !

  4. Keep up the good (hard) work mama! You guys are all amazing!

  5. Wonderful news! I am still in such awe of you, your family - you're amazing!