Thursday, April 14, 2011

A piece of the sky broke off

Today's challenge is to open a book and use the first line that you read as your title and then write based on that title.  I had Where the Sidewalk Ends in front of me.

Julia is sick and I hate it.  Someone asked me today if diabetes causes a problem when she is sick.  Oh My Gosh YES!  I already check her blood sugar numbers all the time but when she is sick, I test more.  We were checking her multiple times over night last night because she coughed so much she threw up and you remember the fun that that is.

Bubba took her to the pediatrician and it turns out she has a bronchial infection.  So she is back on antibiotic and now has crazy numbers because her body is fighting the infection or she is on antibiotic or the moon is full.  Who knows.

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