Sunday, April 3, 2011

Yahoo Questions

Yahoo Answers Post: Pretend you are writing a question about your condition - it can be as silly/humorous as you want. Now answer it. (Remember: Your answer can be just as silly.)

So after looking at Yahoo! Answers to see what the questions and answers looked like, I understand why the prompt says it can be silly/humorous.  There are some strange people in this world who ask some strange questions!

Q:  My friend's 15 year old daughter was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  She seems very concerned.  I am not sure it is such a big deal.  Doesn't diabetes mean she just needs to lose some weight and watch what she eats?

A:  It's Unlikely that a 15 year old with a Healthy Weight would be diabetic.
My guess is that there is something SIGNIFICANT in (her) life... that (she) should be worrying about... so (she's) looking for a distraction.***

A:  Type 1 Diabetes is very serious and requires 24/7 care.  Your friend's daughter's pancreas no longer produces insulin which everyone needs to live.  Please get some more info from a legitimate medical website  Your friend is right to be concerned and she is going to need your support.  

***this was an actual answer that I found on yahoo! questions relating to type 1 diabetes


  1. I would love to say that I am surprised that it was an actual answer but truth be told, sadly, I am not

  2. I don't know what to say except for Wow as well.