Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today's challenge is to find an image that speaks to you and free write.

This image is beautiful to me but it is also so fragile and the fragility is what speaks to me right now.  I heard through the DOC about a child dying in her sleep.  She had Type 1 Diabetes.

Life is so fragile to begin with and as a parent of a child with diabetes that fragility is something we think about every day. It is called dead in bed syndrome and it scares me. Children go to bed with sugars in range and at some point in the night something goes wrong and they don't wake up. I first heard of this when I first found the DOC and I couldn't even read the postings. Now I can read them and when I do, my heart breaks. I don't know these people personally but I share their pain. The day to day dealings are hard enough without the threat of death looming overhead. I have had people ask me how long will we keep having to wake up and check Julia at night and my answer is always I'd rather wake up than have her not wake up. 
Please pray tonight for the families who have lost their children and for the rest of us who pray every night that it won't happen to our child. 

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